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Welcome students and parents! My name is Mrs. Fleming and I teach 5th grade science and social studies. Thanks for visiting our class website! 
Mrs. Fleming's Homeroom Schedule:
Lunch: 12:45-1:15
Monday: Art
Tuesday: PE
Wednesday: Enrichment
Thursday: Library (Week A)   STEM (Week B)
Friday: Music

Recent Posts

Week 14 Social Studies Nov. 13-17

Learning objectives for the week:
*Compare and contrast the different Reconstruction plans of Lincoln, Johnson, and Congress
*Integrate information from several texts about the failure of the impeachment of Andrew Johnson
*Analyze why the Radical Republicans turned to military Reconstruction and the backlash resulting in the rise of the Ku Klux Klan, black codes, and vigilante justice.
*Explain the impact of the Tennessee Constitutional Convention of 1870, including poll taxes, segregation, and funds for public education. 
Friday- Field Trip to Biz Town 

Week 13 Science Nov. 6-10

Learning objectives for the week:
*I can explain the relationship that exists among mass, force, and distance traveled. 
*I can differentiate between potential and kinetic energy. 
*I can work with my business to prepare the necessary documents and materials to be ready for next week's field trip to JA Biz Town. 
Biz Town field trip next Friday, 11/17

Week 12 Social Studies Oct. 30- Nov. 3

Learning objectives for the week:
*I can explain why Lincoln chose Andrew Johnson as his running mate in the election of 1864.
*I can describe the physical, social, political, and economic consequences of the Civil War on the southern United States
*I can draw on information from print and digital resources to describe the impact of the assassinaiton of Abraham Lincoln on the nation. 
*I can analyze the goals and accomplishments of the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments, Freedmen's Bureau, and Fisk University to help former slaves begin a new life. 
*I can compare and contrast the different Reconstruction plans of Lincoln, Johnson, and Congress. 
October 31st- Wear Halloween costume to school for $1

Week 11 Science Oct. 23-27

Learning objectives for the week:
*I can identify the force that causes objects to fall to the ground
*I can recognize that the Earth attracts objects without touching them
*I can explore and explain how shape affects the rate at which objects fall tot he ground.
Open House Thursday 10/26 5:30-7pm

Week 6 Social Studies Sept. 11-14

Learning objectives for the week:
*I can analyze the geographic, social, political, and economic strengths and weaknesses of the North and South.
*I can identify the Border States and explain the efforts of the Union and the Confederacy to secure them to their causes.
*I can draw on informational text to explain the roles of the military and civil leaders during the Civil War
9/14 Parent-Teacher Conferences
9/15 No school for students

Week 5 Science Sept. 5-8

 Learning objectives for the week:
*I can describe and model tectonic plate movement on Earth. 
*I can describe internal forces such as volcanoes, earthquakes, faulting, and plate movement that are responsible for the earth's major geological features. 

Week 4 Social Studies Aug. 28- Sept. 1

 Learning objectives for the week:
*I can evaluate the Presidential election of 1860 by analyzing the campaign and explaining how the election reflected the turmoil between the North and the South. 
*I can explain and demonstrate the reasons why Tennessee was divided on the issue of secession. 
*I can determine the meanings of Northern and Southern names and terminology.
*I can analyze the geographic, social, political, and economic strengths and weaknesses of the North and South.
Friday 9/1- Go Jim Go! Wear PJ's to school for a $1 donation
Monday 9/4- Labor Day- No School

Week 3 Science August 21-25

 Learning objectives for the week:
*I can evaluate whether or not Pluto should be considered a planet and justify my decision with proof. 
*I can select information from a complex data representation to draw conclusions about the planets.
*I can identify methods and tools for identifying star patterns.
August 21-Solar Eclipse Day!
August 22- Meet the Teachers Night Start times: 5:15pm & 6:15pm
August 24- Individual fall portraits

Week 2 Social Studies August 14-18

 Objectives for the week:
*I can set up my social studies notebook and discuss why it is important to study history.  
*I can interpret the sectional differences between the North and the South in economics, transportation, and population.
*I can use primary sources to analyze abolitionists writings.
*I can draw on information from multiple print or digital resources explaining the events that made slavery a national issue during the mid 19th century. 

Week 1 Science August 7-11

 Objectives for the week:
*I can get to know my new classmates and teachers.
*I can set up my science notebook and learn the classroom rules and procedures.
*I can distinguish among the planets according to their known characteristics. 

Week 32 April 10-13

Learning objectives for the week:
*Review of earth and space science standards
*The Roaring Twenties
*The Great Depression
Friday- No School- Good Friday

Week 28 March 6-10

Learning objectives for the week:
*I can analyze the causes, course, and consequences of the Spanish-American War.
*I can analyze the major goals, struggles, and achievements of the Progressive Era. 
*I can describe the effects of Jim Crow Laws on the nation and Tennessee and the efforts of Ida B. Wells and Randolph Miller to bring attention to the inequalities of segregation.  
Friday: Wear pajamas and a crazy hat!!

Week 24 Feb. 6-9

Learning objectives for the week:
*I can write an argumentative piece from he viewpoint of American indians and the viewpoint of American settlers an]bout their rights to the land west of the Mississippi River. 
*I can describe the role of Buffalo Soldiers in settling the West, including Tennessee native George Jordan.
*I can describe child labor and working conditions in factories. 
Technology Project due Wed. 2/8
No School Fri 2/10- Teacher In-service Day

Week 23 Jan. 30-Feb. 3

Learning objectives for the week:
*I can distinguish between physical and chemical properties.
*I can describe the differences among freezing, melting, and evaporation. 
*I can describe factors that influence the rate at which different types of material freeze, melt, or evaporate. 
Technology Project due next Wed. Feb. 8