Tara Oaks Elementary School

Coming to Kindergarten? Please sign up for a kindergarten screening May 29 through May 31st.

PTA Meeting - October 23rd

Join us tomorrow, Thursday the 23rd, to "See What Tigers Do"!

Food, compliments of McAlister's Deli, served beginning at 5:00.

Doors will open at 5:15.

The Purple wing will be closed and classrooms will not be open, but the halls will be filled with student work. Stop by the Music Room 210 to see drums and boomwhackers, go to the gym to build hula huts…..See a demonstration of Promethean board, room 207 …..Cruise into room 405 to see the brand new Apple Desktops!

PTA meeting starts at 6:00

All events end at 6:30.

We hope to see you there!