Tara Oaks Elementary School

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Friendly Traffic Reminder

Dear Tara Oaks Families,
It is hard to believe that our school year is at the halfway point.  We have had a wonderful year so far and to make sure that we continue to stay safe we want to remind everyone of the traffic flow around our school during morning drop off and afternoon dismissal.  Please read the following information and feel free to ask for clarification with regards to your specific mode of transportation.
Car Riders:  We are very fortunate that our school is located within a neighborhood setting, however the setting does require that our car rider line extends through both Ashton Woods (along Alexandria Dr.) and Tara Oaks (along Heather Lake Dr.).  Please be courteous to the residents of these neighborhoods by not blocking driveways and allowing room for residents to enter and exit their properties.
Walkers:  Tara Oaks does not restrict who can be a walker.  If you would like to drive your child to the neighborhood and let them out so that the can walk up to the school please do so in an appropriate manner.  Do not stop in a No Parking Zone.  When stopping, please pull to the curb in a safe location and place you vehicle in "Park".  Children must cross the street at a Crossing Guard location.
The following are a list of the No Parking Zones around the school.  Please be observant of all signs posted.
East and West bound Harpers Ferry Dr. in front of the school.
All coves surrounding the school including Enjelica Cove in Ashton Woods.
Northbound Heather Lake Drive approaching Harpers Ferry Dr. starting at the School Speed Zone sign.
Southbound Heather Lake Dr. approaching Harpers Ferry Dr.
Parking in the bus loop is strictly prohibited.
Do not park within 20 feet of any corner.  Parking at the apex of a corner is illegal.
Please remember to avoid distractions when driving through a school zone.  Specifically, avoid using cell phones during drop off and dismissal.  We have many bike riders and walkers approaching our school from many directions, so please be vigilant.  Speed limit is 15mph in our school zone. We have two crossing guard locations.  The first is directly in front of the school on Harpers Ferry Dr.  The second is the 4-way stop at Harpers Ferry Dr. and Heather Lake Dr.  
We would also ask that you do not pull into driveways (unless you are the homeowner) and do not make U-turns in the streets during drop off or pickup.  
Stay safe!