Tara Oaks Elementary School

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Technology Device Deployment 2017- 2018


Important Information: Technology Device Deployment 2017-2018

Good afternoon!  Technology has been preparing for the upcoming deployment of student devices in grades 3-5.  The process for deployment is listed below:
Parents and students will view a brief video and complete an online form (in lieu of parent meetings at the school).  Technology will provide a list of those who viewed the video and completed the form to the school. Here is the link to the video/online form: http://bit.ly/2uDOWjF
5th grade students-Devices will be delivered to the classrooms for students on Monday, August 7.
3rd & 4th grade students-Devices will be delivered to classrooms for students the week of September 24
Please let us know if you have questions regarding this process.  We look forward to seeing you soon.

Deployment Page on the district website contains detailed information

regarding this process.