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Welcome students and parents! My name is Mrs. Fleming and I teach 5th grade science and social studies. Thanks for visiting our class website! 
Mrs. Fleming's Homeroom Schedule:
Lunch: 12:45-1:15
Monday: Art
Tuesday: PE
Wednesday: Enrichment
Thursday: Library (Week A)   STEM (Week B)
Friday: Music

Recent Posts

Week 26 Science Feb. 22-26

Learning objectives for the week:
*I can explain the relationship that exists among mass, force, and distance traveled. 
*I can differentiate between potential and kinetic energy.
*I can use data from an investigation to determine the method by which heat energy is transferred from one object or material to another. 

"Over There" by George Cohan

We enjoyed this 100 year old catchy tune this week while learning about WWI.

Week 25 Social Studies Feb. 16-19

Learning objectives for the week:
*I can summarize the reasons for American entry into World War I, including submarine attacks on the Lusitania and the Zimmerman Telegram.
*Locate and map the countries of the Central and Allied Powers during World War I.  
* Explain the roles of significant people and groups in World War I.
*Refer to details and examples in a text to explain the aims of world leaders in the Treaty of Versailles and why the United States rejected Wilson's League of Nations.  

Week 24 Science Feb. 8-11

Learning objectives for the week:
*I can explain the relationships that exist among mass, force, and distance traveled. 
*I can use data to determine how shape affects the rate at which a material falls to the earth. 
*I can recognize that the earth attracts objects without touching them.
*I can identify the force that causes an object to fall to the earth. 
Bring Valentines to pass out Thursday (optional)
No School Friday 2/12- Teacher inservice day
No School Monday 2/15- President's day
Have a great 4 day weekend!

We had so much fun presenting our Technology Projects today!  Carter's dad brought his antique 1952 MG-TD to show the class for Carter's report on automobiles. 

Week 23 Social Studies Feb. 1-5

Learning objectives for the week:
*I can analyze the major goals, struggles, and achievements of the Progressive Era, including attacking racial discrimination, child labor, big business, conservation, and alcohol use.  
*I can analyze the causes, course, and consequences of the Spanish American War.
*I can describe the effects of Jim Crow Laws on the nation and Tennessee and the efforts of Ida B. Wells and Randolph Miller to bring attention to the inequalities of segregation.  
Technology Reports due Friday 2/5

Week 22 Science Jan. 25-29

Learning objectives for the week:
*I can describe the differences among freezing, melting, and evaporation.
*I can describe factors that influence the rate at which different types of materials freeze, melt, or evaporate. 
5-4 vocab due Tues. 1/26
Technology Project slip due Wed. 1/27
Science Chapter 5 Test Friday 1/29
Technology Project due next Friday 2/5