Week of January 25-29

This is Kindness Week!!!  Our theme is Mission Possible.  Please see information below for each day's theme.  Students will be completing their "missions" of random acts of kindness.  



January 25-29


Our students will be participating in National Kindness Week as Secret Agents during the last week of January. Their mission, should they choose to accept it, will be to secretly serve others in positive ways. For 5 days, the students will be given a mission over the intercom to perform random acts of kindness throughout that day. We can make our school a better place by serving each other and practicing kindness.


Monday: We are Secret Agents of Kindness!

                  Wear black & white, sunglasses, magnifying glass, wrist watch. (No plastic weapons or toys)


Tuesday: Kindness ‘Ties’ Us Together.

                  Wear a Neck Tie (This is also Donuts with Dad)


Weds:     We ‘Mustache’ you if you are being kind?

                 Wear a mustache.


Thurs.:   Tara O supports the Mission!

                Wear your class tshirt.  


Friday:   Mission Accomplished Surprise Dress Up Day                  

(Will be revealed over the intercom)


We hope the students enjoy a full week dedicated to “secret service”! Giving our students an opportunity to serve others (in an enjoyable way), will leave everyone feeling happy – both those who were served and those who did the serving! #BeAChangeAgent


In Math this week we will be working on Measurement and Unit Conversions as well as reviewing previous skills in preparation for TNReady.