Barbara Fry » Artist in Residence

Artist in Residence

Hello Tara Oaks!
My name is Barbara Fry and I am one of the Art Specialists at Tara Oaks this year!
I have a BFA in Fine Arts from the University of Memphis.
I have been teaching Elementary Art for 33 years! The last 24 have been at Tara Oaks.
I have been here since Tara Oaks opened their doors in 1995.
I am a watercolor artist at heart.
I love to read. 
I love all animals!
I have two dogs, Wolfie and Daisy and I have a cat named Rosie!
The Zoo is my favorite place to go!
 On the Border and La Hacienda are my fav restaurants! I have seen some of you there!
Purple and Teal are my favorite colors!
I love to do Jigsaw puzzles!
I love rainy days and COLD weather!
Teaching is my life and I have been so blessed to work at Tara Oaks with such amazing families.
I am so looking forward to another wonderful year!