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Trimble’s Task Force

“We Can Learn!  What is Your Super Power?”

Fourth Grade

        Welcome to the "Task Force"! Trimble's task Force is going to exploit their powers and abilities for the greater good this year by inspiring greatness, one child at a time! There is no task that is too difficult for your fourth grader to complete! I am so excited to have your child in my class this year. Your child will learn about social studies and language arts in my class. For clarification, language arts is made up of the following subject areas: vocabulary, reading, grammar, spelling, and writing. In my class, your child will use a variety of problem solving strategies that will better equip them to complete missions that Trimble'sTask Force will face in fourth grade. 

"Everyone is a leader, because everyone influences someone!"-John Maxwell

About me:

    This year will be my 14th year in the teaching profession. I received my teaching degree from the University of Mississippi in Oxford. (Hotty Toddy!!!) I started out teaching fourth grade in Mississippi and continued in that particular grade level for six years. The next three years, I transitioned to middle school in Bartlett teaching seventh grade language arts. Then, I returned to the fourth grade classroom at my new home, Tara Oaks. I have had so many memorable and rewarding experiences as an educator. I look forward to working with your child this year. 


     In language arts, your child will be taking the building blocks of third grade and applying new strategies and concepts to this year’s language arts objectives. Your child will learn language arts through music, movement, repetition, and student modeling. I take any opportunity that I can to feature the student as the teacher and have he/she model his/her own problem-solving strategies. I feel that many times, students are more willing to learn from their peers; therefore, student modeling and collaboration is key in the learning environment. 
    In social studies, your child will learn about the history of America to 1850. We will become familiar with native civilizations in North America, European explorations to the New World during the 15th and 16th centuries, and the political, economic, and social development of the British colonies in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Students will also study the early development of democratic institutions, including the ideas and events that led to the independence of the original thirteen colonies and the formation of a national government under the Constitution. Students will also discover the history of Tennessee's role in the development of the United States and how our state impacted our nation. The purpose of fourth grade social studies to give students an understanding of the formative years of the United States and Tennessee history through research, analysis, critical thinking.  

Class Schedule



LAMPS/MAPS Schedule:




Grading Policy

93-100= A

85-92= B

75-84= C

70-74= D

69 and below= F

Homework- Every student begins the nine-week period with a free 100/A+. For any incomplete homework assignment, five points will be deducted from your child’s 100/A+ homework average. Please see the attachment titled "Homework Policy 2016-2017" on my site for further details regarding homework.  


***Conduct sheets are sent home on yellow or orange (depending on the 9 week period) construction paper each Friday. Please sign and return by the following Wednesday. 

Our Classroom Rules:

qBe Attentive

qBe Prepared

qBe Responsible

qBe Orderly

qBe Courteous

Positive Rewards:

Verbal praise / Reward for good conduct “Reading Party”/ E.S.N. Party (given at the end of each semester) Good notes home (via e-mail, agenda, etc…)


Conduct mark

Student conference with teacher

Phone call/email to parent

Parent conference

Office referral


IMPORTANT!!!! If your child’s dismissal plan changes, we MUST have a WRITTEN note or you must call the office on the specific day informing us of the change. You may email your child’s homeroom teacher, but you must get an email confirmation that the homeroom teacher has received the change. If you do not receive a note/email, we are required to send your child home in the customary manner.  Parents are not allowed to check students out after 3:30 p.m. due to dismissal.  Parents cannot call and change the way their child goes home unless a note or fax is sent in the morning. 901-854-2349.

***Parents are not allowed to park in the front parking lot for arrival or dismissal as this is reserved for our students with special needs.


Your child may receive daily assignments when he/she returns to school. You may also choose to have another child bring the assignments to the office by 3:00. Please email me by 9:00 if your child will be checking in late or leaving early. Thank you.

A “study buddy” will be assigned by homeroom teacher to write down assignments and collect handouts as needed for your child on the day he/she is absent. 


Recent Posts

Study Island

Students are working hard at getting their Blue Ribbons on Study Island.  I just wanted to remind you that they are able to get on Study Island at home to earn their ribbons as well.  They have to go through Class Link in order to do this. I sent this information out towards the beginning of the year, but I wanted to send it again in case it has gotten lost. 

 Below is a direct link to Class Link:
*They will click Sign in with Microsoft and use their school email and password to sign in. 

(These are written in the front of their agendas.)


Columbus and Magellan Pop Quiz on Tuesday 9-18-18

Study green sheets with notes in binder on the two explorers: Columbus and Magellan. Also, see newspaper highlighted information in blue composition notebook on Magellan. Students need to be able to trace both explorers' routes on a map of the world. 
Links for extra support: