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Academic Vocabulary

  1. Analyze - Break it down into parts. Tell about each of the parts
  2. Compare - Tell all the ways they are the same
  3. Contrast - Tell all the ways they are different
  4. Describe -Tell me about it. Give details about it. Paint a picture with words. 
  5. Evaluate -Tell the good and the bad. Judge it.
  6. Explain -Teach me or show me. Tell the steps
  7. Formulate - come up with, make a plan, develop, make, or create
  8. Infer - Read between the lines. What is the hidden meaning?
  9. Predict - Hypothesize. Make an educated (smart) guess
  10. Summarize - Tell the main idea. Tell the beginning, middle, and end 
  11. Support - back up the information. Prove or provide evidence
  12. Trace - follow, track, outline, list in steps
Video Link using and explaining these words.