Tara Oaks Elementary School

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Patricia King » 1st Grade Curriculum

1st Grade Curriculum

First Grade

August - Honesty

  • Counselor Introduction
  • “A Bad Case of Stripes”


September - Respect

  • “Toot and Puddle” -Difference/Similarities (We are more Alike than we are Different- Making and Keeping Friends)


October - Integrity

  • Bullying Prevention – PacerKids.org
  • Kindness Catcher


November - Responsibility

  • “Amazing Grace” - Career Awareness"


December - Generosity

  • “Ordinary Mary”


January - Resilience

Self-Confidence - “The Mixed Up Chameleon”


February – Compassion

“The Lemonade Club”


March – Citizenship

“Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse”


April - Perseverance

“So, What Do You Do With an Idea?”


May – Courage

“Pickle, Patch Bathtub”