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Small Groups and Individual Counseling

Family Changes: This group is for students whose family structure is in a state of change due to new siblings, separation, divorce, or remarriage. Students will gain support from other students dealing with the same issues, and learn how to mange the “roller coaster ride” of feelings they may have due to the change.


“I CAN” (Control Anger Now): Everyone gets angry.  It’s how you respond to your feelings that make the difference.  Students will learn to recognize their feelings, what may trigger their anger and how to feel angry less often and less intensely.  Students will learn how to deal with their anger in ways that lead to solutions, rather than creating problems.


Memory Makers: This group is for students who have experienced the death and/or serious illness of a loved one within the past few years.  We work on healing hearts.


Circle of Friends: This group is geared towards students who may have concerns/issues about making and keeping friends. Students will learn to appreciate what they have to offer friends and be supported while learning skills necessary for getting to know others in a positive way.


I’m Terrific: This group offers students the opportunity to acknowledge strengths & positive qualities, to learn to manage negative thinking and to build on positive characteristics.  Students will be given opportunities to discover their individual talents and strengths and to share ways in which they are special.  We will talk about growth mindset!


ASK (Academic Support with Mrs. King):  This group is for students that need academic support skills for classroom learning.  Being successful in school and building a solid academic foundation is important to future success.  These skills may consist of listening, focusing, being organized, time management, studying, test taking and maintaining a positive attitude, all which are essential skills for school success!


Just Me:  This group is for students with siblings that have special needs.  Students will support each other as they deal with their day-to-day lives.   Students will celebrate their siblings’ differences & better understand that everyone is special in their own way.  


Deep Breathe:  This group deals with stress and anxiety.  We will introduce coping skills that can help at school.  Students can share on activities that help them relax and become more centered.  Yoga poses, and relaxing music will be introduced.