Rules, Policies, Procedures

Shoes, shoes, shoes:
Let's talk shoes!  On your child's scheduled PE day we request that your child wear gym shoes/sneakers.  This is not only for active participation, but for their overall safety.  Shoes should be athletic in nature, with a rubber/non slip bottom. In order to make sure all children are able to perform skills and activities designed for optimal movement, sneakers are a must!  This is for all students pre K - 5th grade.  
Shoes that are NOT safe:
Crocs, open toed shoes (ex. Chacos), flip flops, slides, loafers (or slip on shoes, even if they have a rubber bottom, they must be secure on the foot), boots, of any nature, dress shoes.  If you have any questions about whether your child's shoes are appropriate, don't hesitate to contact me:  
Children are required to participate each, and every time they visit us in PE.  If your child is unable to participate, on their scheduled PE day, we need a note from the parent. Please state the reason for non participation.  A note will be accepted from a parent, doctor, or nurse Penny.  
Each child is required to act in accordance with the schools rules on conduct and behavior.  See student handbook on conduct.  Additionally, students are expected to show good sportsmanship, as well as, be encouraging while participating.