Tara Oaks Elementary School’s first-ever Reading Marathon!

Dear Parents:


If your child (3rd grade - 5th grade) has brought home this packet, then he/she has signed up to participate in Tara Oaks Elementary School’s first-ever Reading Marathon.  The goal of the marathon is to read 26.2 books,  averaging 200 pages per book, for a grand total of 5,240 pages in 26.2 weeks.

He/she could also elect to read a half-marathon, 13.1 books  (averaging 200 pages per book, with a grand total of at least 2,620 pages) also in 26.2 weeks. 

Regardless of which ‘run’ they’ve selected, I’m thrilled to know that they’re jumping in and committing to reading, and your child can always change which run they’ve selected (just in case they want to read more books!).


Included in the Marathon packet:

  1. A ‘bib’ card with space on the back to write the titles/authors/page numbers of the books your child reads
  2. This letter that explains our reading marathon
  3. A copy of the student handout about the Marathon
  4. An “official” Space Race Reading Marathon bookmark


Reading for fun and/or pleasure is fighting a serious battle against the electronic world.  The purpose of the Space Race Reading Marathon is simply to encourage students to read for fun or pleasure—no grades, no papers to write, no book reports.  It employs an honor system: If a student has written down a title, then we’re assuming that she/he’s read that book.


During the course of the ‘marathon,’ as with real marathons, there will be 2 “water breaks” to encourage students to keep going.  For “water breaks,” students who are participating will be entered into give away raffles or rewarded with special privileges such as reading to a younger grade level or partnering with a younger student/reading buddy.  At the end of the challenge, students who turn in his or her completed race cards will be invited to a “Reading in Space” party in the Library, and will be entered in a raffle for various reading related prizes.  If you’d like to donate a gift card or prize for this cause, we would be grateful for any contribution.



This challenge is a no-stress, no-pressure marathon. I’m hoping that you will encourage your child to get involved and stay involved!  He/she will be competing only against himself/herself.

If you have questions, do not hesitate to email me at bburns@colliervilleschools.org


Hoping to see your child at the finish line as they go the distance with the Space Race Reading Marathon!

(PS:  This is open to faculty, staff, students, administration—the whole of Tara Oaks Elementary!)


On your mark…Get set…Go!

Mrs. Brooke Burns, Librarian/Marathon Director

Mrs. Jenny Asbury, Co-Marathon Director

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