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Principal's Message

Dear Tara Oaks Families,

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to Tara Oaks Elementary School. We believe that learning is the fundamental purpose of our school, and we seek to create a learning environment that is both fun and challenging. We believe that our success lies in our people – the teachers who teach, strong parental involvement, the staff that assists with any student need, and most importantly, the students themselves.

Our Core Values:

·       Students and families are at the heart of what we do.

·       We believe that together we are better.

·       Tara Oaks Elementary School consistently provides the highest quality of education based on research and best practices.

·       We are a professional learning community and embrace new ways to help every child succeed.


Tricia Marshall, Principal


December Calendar Featured Photo

December Calendar

This calendar will keep you up to date with Tara Oaks activities!
Tara Oaks Elementary School’s first-ever Reading Marathon! Featured Photo

Tara Oaks Elementary School’s first-ever Reading Marathon!

This marathon is for 3rd-5th grade students. The goal of the marathon is to read 26.2 books,  averaging 200 pages per book, for a grand total of 5,240 pages in 26.2 weeks. Students can also elect to read a half-marathon, 13.1 books  (averaging 200 pages per book, with a grand total of at least 2,620 pages) in 26.2 weeks.    Regardless of which ‘run’ they’ve selected, I’m thrilled to know that they’re jumping in and committing to reading!