Week 30 Science/Social Studies Mar. 28- Apr. 1

Science TCAP Review Quiz #2 Friday (see study guide)
Learning objectives for the week:
*Use a graphic organizer to compare and contrast the rise of fascism, totalitarianism, and Nazism in Europe and Japan, the leaders and the goals of Germany, Italy, and Japan. 
*Compare and contrast different stories from media, and informational text regarding the bombing of Pearl Harbor and its impact on the United States, including the USS Arizona and USS Tennessee and America's entry in the war. 
*Evaluate the constitutionality of Japanese internment during the war. 
*With supporting facts and details provide reasons for rationing, victory gardens, the design of the Rosie the Riveter ideal (Avco jobs for Tennessee women) and the Women Airfare Service Pilots- Cornelia Fort. 
*Write and informative text about the Holocaust and its impact.