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Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

Tara Oaks Elementary School’s mission is to provide a safe, nurturing, orderly, enriching environment designed to promote academic excellence, develop respect for all individuals, and to expand the personal interests and talents of our students.


Vision Statement

Tara Oaks Elementary School’s vision is for our students to be prepared for ensuing educational experiences and active participation in our community through a collaborative effort of all stakeholders.


The mission and vision of Tara Oaks
will be accomplished through the following


  • We will provide students with a safe, orderly nurturing environment that actively engages them in learning.
  • We will promote the intellectual, physical, emotional, and artistic well-being of each child through balanced educational programs and character development.
  • We will provide a viable and challenging curriculum for all students based on information from current student’s performance data and the individual needs and interests of students.
  • We will use research-based instructional strategies and technology to ensure student achievement.
  • We will use formative and summative assessments to identify student learning and performance needs.
  • We will address student’s learning styles through a system of remediation and enrichment activities.
  • We will engage in on-going professional development and work collaboratively to share the knowledge we acquire.
  • We will share responsibility with all stakeholders for implementing policies and procedures to build positive relationships.
  • All stakeholders will share the responsibility for advancing and upholding the school’s beliefs, values, mission, and vision.