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Hello Tara Oaks Elementary students and parents!  My name is Jana Blanchard and I am the school counselor for grades 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades.  This is my 17th year in education and my 7th year serving at Tara Oaks. I am so blessed to have this job and to be able to work with the best kids in America day after day!
As a school counselor, I perform the following roles in order to promote positive development in academic, career, and personal/social domains:
  • Individual Counseling
  • Small Group Counseling
  • Classroom Guidance
  • Academic Intervention
  • New Student Tours 
  • Career Day
  • Response to school crisis or emergency situations
  • Observe students in various school environments
  • Consult and collaborate with parents, teachers, administrators, counselors, and students
  • Provide information and resources to parents on a variety of issues
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A lesson working on problem-solving skills and team work:  First grade working on building a bridge with tooth picks and gum drops.